Returning to the office? Increase visibility and communicate safety measures with Totem

Great (WFH) culture is everyone's business

Totem keeps leaders and teams culturally connected, informed and engaged - even when working remotely.

Welcome to Culture Tech.

Culture Tech

ˈkʌltʃə tɛkˈ

The application of innovative technology to measure, nurture and improve organisational culture.

Why "Totem"?

Totem poles are shared cultural stories, built and read from bottom-to-top. We believe workplace cultures are understood the same way - starting with how employees live, share and experience a business on the ground, every day.

Designed for remote teams, Totem helps colleagues stay in touch, feel connected and share their work experiences, wherever they are.

Three culture ingredients, one Totem


Communicate and share company, team and individual updates. Blend work & social content to drive dialogue and engagement remotely.


Celebrate success and recognise others for living your company values - whenever, wherever.


Capture hidden insights. Understand and act on culture and team morale in real-time, wherever your people are.

Totem for all

For the tribe

Consumer-grade tech you’ll love to use. Totem’s social-media look and feel makes contributing to culture and sharing your voice fast, fun and easy. And because Totem is natively mobile, key content is right there in your pocket for when you need it, on-the-go.

For the leader

Safe, secure and fast to onboard, Totem helps you connect with disparate or hard-to-reach teams, turning silos into communities - no work email required. Sky-high adoption means rich actionable insights, enabling better, real-time decisions that drive your culture forward.

It all starts here

Make great culture your business today.