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Build your culture for remote working

Businesses once relied on the office to build, maintain and measure workplace culture. Totem does this digitally - wherever your teams are working from.

Welcome to the Digital Culture Platform.

One digital culture platform

For leaders

Manage and measure culture like any other business-critical KPI.

Using machine learning and sentiment analysis, Totem’s Culture Insights platform enables leaders to understand team morale, connectedness and engagement accross their teams in real time. Track changes over time, and measure the impact of culture initiatives without survey or meeting fatigue.

For teams

Remain connected to workplace culture without joining endless Zoom socials.

Keep close with the colleagues you know and create new connections and peer networks to get the support and guidance you need. Stay visible, share success and receive public recognition for great work done - all without stepping foot in the office.

Three culture ingredients

Peer networks

Build diverse employee networks that provide the support your people need to do their best work.

Recognition & visibility

Publically celebrate success and recognise great work in a way that drives visibility organisation-wide.

Culture Insights

Understand and act on culture & team morale in real-time, wherever your people are.

Why "Totem"?

Totem poles are shared cultural stories, built and read from bottom-to-top. We believe workplace cultures are understood the same way - starting with how employees live, share and experience a business on the ground, every day.

Designed for remote teams, Totem helps colleagues stay in touch, feel connected and share their work experiences, wherever they are.

It all starts here

Build and measure your workplace culture digitally today.