Work is changing - take office culture online

As your teams move interchangeably between remote and office-based work, employee wellbeing is both a priority and responsibility. Totem creates the visibility you need across office status, remote working and COVID risk; helping your people feel seen, heard and trusted.

Create mutual transparency by working together

Help employees share minimal but helpful personal details, such as the onset of COVID symptoms, work location or risk factors, enabling you to offer your people the relevant support and action needed for their safety.

Create a central source of truth

Communicate company updates and documentation in Totem, where employees can check office operating hours and closures in a mobile-first app that works to their schedule.

Build a trust-based culture that transcends the office

Enable your business to evolve to flexible working schedules and locations through taking leadership, events, updates and community online - building and maintaining employee engagement every step of the way.

A digital culture platform with a human feel

Bring office culture online

Give leadership and employees the same share of voice with Totem, creating a central place for honesty and transparency. Teams can share experiences, updates, and news on the Totem newsfeed, whilst leadership can utilise new ways to measure success.

Celebrate visibility

Create community and engagement amongst peers on a platform they can personalise and create a celebratory work environment through granting kudos and recognition inline with company values and contribute to company pulse surveys.

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