Building great work culture is everyone's business. Whoever you are and wherever you sit in the organisation.

Organisations across the world are now talking about the importance of culture. Yet very few know how to measure, nurture and improve theirs.

Most organisations depend on leaders at the top to define and drive culture, forgetting that where culture lives, breathes and evolves, is with its people.

Our background is in making awesome video games. In 2014, we started Play - to create playful experiences that realise human potential and meaning at work.

As Play grew and we were more exposed to the broken world of work, we got thinking... how could we really change the way companies drive great culture at scale and help unlock the benefits for businesses and their people alike?

Seeing that most “work/ HR/ engagement” tools were built for payers (managers), we set about creating a beautiful app that would shift the focus to the players (employees) instead - that would help them connect with each other and their company, recognise and celebrate one another, and capture previously hidden insights about the company and team they work for.

We called this app Totem.

Since launching in 2016, Totem has helped global companies drive better business outcomes through improved workplace cultures. And without setting out to, we created a new category of technology - Culture Tech. Technology that could enable CEOs to build great workplace culture from the ground up and make work more meaningful for everyone.

Totem in the news

John Lewis Nominated for best use of tech award

24 January 2020

Going for gold! Camm & Hooper’s Award Win

21 October 2019

Totem awarded UK Gov Innovate Funding

28 August 2019

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